ThickBox – Modals for your website

Modals to talk with users

It is very simple. You can use any container on the site that shall be opened in a ThickBox. Just click the link below for an example.

Source code

Open the ThickBox now!

<!-- Just let WP add the thickbox - very easy isn't it? --//>-->
<?php add_thickbox() ?>

<!-- Define what shall be shown --//>-->
<div id="thickbox-foo" style="display:none;">
  <strong>That's it!</strong>

    See that the URL just has a segment for "TB_inline"
    and after that is everything defined. <br>
    The link itself has the class <code>.thickbox</code>.

<!-- The link can define the width and height too --//>-->
  <a href="#TB_inline?width=300&height=400&inlineId=thickbox-foo"
    Open the ThickBox now!