WordPress 4.7: Custom bulk actions, Theme inheritance and more

WordPress 4.7 brought a lot of new features in September and there are more to come. Again there are great things like custom bulk actions, better theme inheritance and many more. But there are also things that might break your customers site which I want to show you.  Continue reading “WordPress 4.7: Custom bulk actions, Theme inheritance and more”

Writing extensible plugins: Early exit

How filters and actions are used in the WordPress Core is very interesting and a nice principle for extensible plugins or themes. Within the last years I stepped several times through the WordPress core and saw some lovely structures. Let me show you some of them so that your plugin or theme is more flexible and makes other developers happy. Continue reading “Writing extensible plugins: Early exit”

wp_text_diff – Highlight text changes as visual control

The wp_text_diff view of revisions is not only a thing for admins but also for guests. Imagine the client can view the differences he made in a form as a visual control. This is a funny and easy way for visitors to verify their changes.  Continue reading “wp_text_diff – Highlight text changes as visual control”

locate_template – Inheritance for WordPress themes

One day at a WordCamp someone ask why proper theme inheritance is not possible in WordPress. It was my first WordCamp and I was a bit flashed because days before I found out that it can – very clean and simple. This is the story how neat and simple theme inheritance will be revived. Continue reading “locate_template – Inheritance for WordPress themes”