Hide other users posts in the backend

In WordPress you can hide other users posts in the backend for those who should not see them. Authors see every post but are not capable of editing them, which can be really frustrating. Two short snippets help cleaning up the post lists programatically. Continue reading “Hide other users posts in the backend”

WordPress 4.7: Custom bulk actions, Theme inheritance and more

WordPress 4.7 brought a lot of new features in September and there are more to come. Again there are great things like custom bulk actions, better theme inheritance and many more. But there are also things that might break your customers site which I want to show you.  Continue reading “WordPress 4.7: Custom bulk actions, Theme inheritance and more”

Writing extensible plugins: Early exit

How filters and actions are used in the WordPress Core is very interesting and a nice principle for extensible plugins or themes. Within the last years I stepped several times through the WordPress core and saw some lovely structures. Let me show you some of them so that your plugin or theme is more flexible and makes other developers happy. Continue reading “Writing extensible plugins: Early exit”

get_posts: Order by custom wp_posts column

Some developer like to extend the WordPress tables with a custom wp_posts column. To have it as a sortable column for queries like in get_posts you need to extend WordPress a bit. This article shows how to make custom columns sortable.  Continue reading “get_posts: Order by custom wp_posts column”

All dynamic actions in WordPress

WordPress has an infinite amount of actions and filters. Indeed it comes with dynamic actions that listen on actions for your custom post type, option, plugin or other. This allows you to keep the performance and make the code easy to maintain. In this month I’ll show you some neat little tricks for them. This post starts with an overview over all possible actions and filter. Continue reading “All dynamic actions in WordPress”