WordPress 4.7: Custom bulk actions, Theme inheritance and more

WordPress 4.7 brought a lot of new features in September and there are more to come. Again there are great things like custom bulk actions, better theme inheritance and many more. But there are also things that might break your customers site which I want to show you.  Continue reading “WordPress 4.7: Custom bulk actions, Theme inheritance and more”

Hacktober 2016: Best WordPress Theme in the world

My hacktober project will be a WordPress Theme that is very extensible and contains clean code. Instead of multiple project I concentrate on one new and the first steps look very good! This will become the greatest theme of all time.  Continue reading “Hacktober 2016: Best WordPress Theme in the world”

Email Subscription Form without Plugin

Recently someone asked me which plugin is the best for email subscription form popups. First of all WordPress already has things for that and secondly I don’t like those boxes. Anyway here is a solution that is already given in the WordPress Core.  Continue reading “Email Subscription Form without Plugin”

locate_template – Inheritance for WordPress themes

One day at a WordCamp someone ask why proper theme inheritance is not possible in WordPress. It was my first WordCamp and I was a bit flashed because days before I found out that it can – very clean and simple. This is the story how neat and simple theme inheritance will be revived. Continue reading “locate_template – Inheritance for WordPress themes”